When are children too old to see you naked?

When are children too old to see you naked?

Maybe you walk naked through the house on your way to the bathroom or sleep naked. Some fora on Mumsnet would have you clothed once your children reach a certain age.

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User AnotherDime opened the subject with a story about her own family:

"We sleep naked, walk naked from the bathroom to the bedroom and find it fine to talk to each other when someone - naked - is in the bath. I have never thought about it, it's just like our children of 4 and 6. Last time I was told at school that my eldest son told the teacher that he sometimes sees me naked. The teacher, however, acted like it was a bit weird. So my question is: what do you think? Is my six-year-old too old to see me naked? "

And the reactions differed quite a bit: from parents who felt this was too old, to a mother who sometimes sees her 21-year-old son naked and vice versa.

Your children give it to you
Most parents, however, agreed: You stop walking naked through the house when you notice that the children become uncomfortable. There will automatically come a time when you will notice that they will lock the doors when they take a shower or bath and look away when you walk around in your birthday suit. From then you can just wrap a towel around yourself.

Good for development
Being naked where your children are is good for their development. Not only do they learn what an 'ordinary' body looks like (instead of photoshopped pictures that they will come across online and in magazines), because you as a parent are at ease, children will also grow up with the idea that there is nothing wrong with it.

How does it work in your family?

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