When actor Bill Murray announces your pregnancy ...

When actor Bill Murray announces your pregnancy ...

Robbie Schloss is an avid fan of the Chicago Cubs, as is actor Bill Murray who we know from films such as Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters. Coincidentally, Robbie was sitting next to him during a match. They talked a little bit about the match and Robbie came up with a great idea.

A chance
"I asked if Bill wanted to announce that my wife Kirsten and I were expecting a baby." He explained to the actor that it was not easy for Kirsten to get pregnant and that they were still a bit hesitant to make the good news public. . "But this was too good an opportunity to pass us by."

And so Bill looked straight into the camera and told the parents of Robbie and Kirsten that they would soon become grandparents.

You can imagine that the family of the couple was in tears when they saw the video. The baby is expected in April.

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