What you will miss when they grow up a little

What you will miss when they grow up a little

Because your baby is so dependent on you, you get about 0.3 seconds to yourself. There will be moments that you can't wait for it all to be over, but you'll miss these moments when it is:

The breastfeeding moments together, especially at night. Magic!

Those lovely little feet sticking in the sky from the cradle, so sweet.

Endless baby hugs.

That smell!

All those little cute romper suits. Too cute!

The bathing moments where they have so much fun.

The first milestones: Laughing, rolling around, first word, first steps.

They sleep so much, so you can just watch them forever.

A nice lazy sunday with three in the big bed.

Everything that's small, cute, and cuddly.

That everyone loves a baby and everyone hates a toddler!

The attention you get from others.

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