What women say when they are giving birth

What women say when they are giving birth

You hear it often: when you are giving birth, you can say the most unexpected and weird things. You often do not even know what you are saying, so be prepared!

The social network Reddit held a survey in which women were asked what they say when they gave birth and there were a lot of special and funny reactions.

"When my brother was born, they had to use forceps." My mother saw the thing and shouted, "That's a salad tong! You're not going to use any kitchen utensils there!" "

Nurse: "I helped to deliver a lady who did not realize that she was pregnant and had called in for help because of abdominal pain.
Patient: "You are an idiot! I'm not damned pregnant! "
Me: "Well, I can see a head."
Patient: 'That must be a tumor!'
The 'tumor' turned out to be a healthy girl."

"When my sister was giving birth, she was screaming and our mother wanted to reassure her: 'It's okay, breathe deeply in and out, it's nearly over.'
My sister looked at my mother and said, "You have no idea how painful it is."

"I am a nurse and I have seen a lot of strange things happen during childbirth, for example when she was giving birth a patient told her boyfriend that it was not his baby, and it became deathly quiet in the room and the friend left the room with nothing to say ... "

"When my mother had me, she pulled my father to her by the shirt and said," Please, please! "

"I told the anaesthesiologist that I would kick him in his balls every 30 seconds so that he could feel what it was like."

"When my girlfriend gave birth, I told her to relax and everything would be okay." She became angry and shouted, "Shall I stretch your penis ten centimeters apart so you can feel what it is like!" Everyone in the room laughed. "

Do you remember what you said when you gave birth? We are very curious! Leave your comment below, maybe there will be a sequel to this article.

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