What it is like to be a mother

What it is like to be a mother

If someone who does not have children asks you what it is like to be a mother, what do you say? 'Nice', maybe 'overwhelming'. But that does not really cover it. It is so all-encompassing that you can not describe it with one word.

Being a mother always has the feeling that you do not have enough to do and at the same time the feeling that you can't do everything all at once.

Being a mother is always considering 9389 options. Disposable diapers or cotton diapers? Breast or not? Day nursery or childminder? That primary school this one?

To be a mother is to know that there are enough children who are much worse and still feel guilty that you could not get her favorite Barbie for Christmas.

Being a mother you feel the pain of other mothers. Before you became a mother you found it annoying when you heard that a mother had a sick child. Now that's your whole world.

Being a mother gives a deep respect for parents of disabled or sick children. Your biggest fear will always be from now on that your child has an accident or gets sick.

Being a mother is the surreal feeling that you loo your child in the eye and see your own eyes. Or relive your own childhood by looking at your daughter or son.

To be a mother is to sympathize with the victories and obstacles that your child experiences. The cheering with every diploma and every goal during football and comforting at every test where an inadequate mark is achieved.

To be a mother is to understand what your own parents meant. Understanding why your mother was always so overbearing and understanding why she sometimes felt guilty, while you did not think it necessary.

Being a mother is very much liking spending time alone, but as soon as you really do, you miss your child.

Being a mother is showing strangers strange photos of your offspring.

Being a mother is, even in your high heels in a fancy club while having a cocktails, talking about stomach cramps and slings.

Being a mother is getting frustrated about small things, shouting and saying ugly things and then feeling guilty.

Being a mother is living on three hours of sleep and apparently still functioning.

Being a mother is finally understanding how unconditional, boundless love feels that everyone is always talking about who has become a father or a mother.

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