What is pregnancy mask and how do you prevent it?

What is pregnancy mask and how do you prevent it?

During my pregnancy I read everywhere that I had to stay out of the sun. As a pregnant woman, I was advised not to put myself in the sun with my full face due to the risk of pregnancy mask. But what exactly is it and how to you get it?

What is a pregnancy mask?

During pregnancy, brown spots may appear in your face through the sun or tanning bed. These are pigment spots. These spots occur because you have more pigment in your skin during pregnancy. This phenomenon is called pregnancy mask.

Where do these spots occur?

On your face (around your eyes) that's why it is called a mask.
Above your upper lip.
On your forehead.

Are these pigment spots harmful?

The pigment spots may not in principle be harmful. They disappear almost always after pregnancy. It is good to keep an eye on the spots. If in any doubt, consult your GP.

What can you do to prevent pregnancy mask?

- Always apply sunscreen. Even if the sun is not shining.
- Use at least spf 30.
- Always wear a hat in the sun.
- Stay in the shade when possible

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