What happens when you first get your positive test

What happens when you first get your positive test

Maybe it was easy, maybe it took a long time, but now you have one in hand: a positive pregnancy test. The moment you first see that plus or two dashes, everything goes through you. The following thoughts will be recognisable.


Yeah bye. Not really!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

Why did I do this test on my own?

Who am I going to call?

I'm just going to call someone, no matter whom.

I'll send him a message.

Where is my man?!

My mother. I have to call my mother.

O my god o my god o my god

How cool!

Help! How will I do that with my job later?

I actually thought so.

This is so fun.

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Oh no no, no, of course, I'm going to be really sick.

I MUST call someone now.

Bananas! I am pregnant!

Big boobs here we go!

Midwife, obstetrician ... where are they when you need them?

I need a bigger house.

How did this happen?

I think my life is over.

No, be normal, this is fine.

What now?

I'll do another test, this can't be true.

I do not care, I'm HAPPY!

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