What goes through you when you realize that you are father / mother

What goes through you when you realize that you are father / mother

The moment you realize that you are really a mother or a father and are responsible for your child can be very overwhelming. These parents tell what went through them at that moment.

"I had that feeling right away. I was waiting for a taxi when I came out of the hospital when an old woman standing next to me said to me, "You must not rock it back and forth, because then you will hurt him." Sure, I thought: he is my child and I am doing it in my own way. "- Olivia

"The moment I heard my mother's voice from myself:" Stop it immediately! "" - Matilda

"When I tripped over a paving stone while I had my four week old baby in my arms. It went so fast, but I managed to fall so that I protected her. My watch was broken and my pants were torn, but baby just slept through. At that moment I realized that I had a maternal instinct and that it was very strong. "- Christine

"When I had folded three piles of clothes, not two." - Sophie

"I think it's such a moment when you suddenly see how others see you. When I first went to a parents' evening and I saw that the teacher was ten years younger than me, for me it was a real 'I-am-a-parent-moment'. - Cathy

"The first time I had my son all to myself during my leave. My wife was exhausted and I sent her to bed. I was sitting there with Ted on my lap and we had the most beautiful afternoon together. He was sleeping, chatting and grabbing around and I made him all kinds of promises about what kind of father I would become. That felt like a turning point, because until then I had felt mostly useless. "- Rob

"When my boss wanted to borrow a pen and I had wet wipes, diaper bags, a teat, rice cake crumbs and no pen but a pencil box with felt-tip pens in my big bag. He laughed. "- Janine

"My son had a virus when he was six months old. And I am not exaggerating, we thought he would die: his temperature was extremely high and the hospital staff even thought of meningitis. Those days in the hospital felt like we are really parents. It was not a game because you realized that your child is the most important thing in your life. You are overwhelmed by a fear that you have never experienced before. "- Richard

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