What causes the most frustrations among parents?

What causes the most frustrations among parents?

It is unfortunately not always happiness and joy if you have children, there are also things that parents can become quite frustrated with. Here a top 10!

The British research agency Onepoll.com investigated what causes the most frustrations among parents and came up with this top 10:

  1. Ensuring that the children go to bed (on time).
  2. Ensuring that children do their homework.
  3. Ensuring that children do not spend too much time in front of a screen.
  4. Ensuring that children eat their vegetables.
  5. Quarrels between brothers and sisters
  6. Children who refuse to eat what they're given.
  7. Ensuring that the children sit neatly at the table during dinner.
  8. Ensuring that children brush their teeth.
  9. Ensuring that children are in the bath / shower with too much hassle.
  10. Children who constantly ask the same questions.

What frustrates you?

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