Very few women are satisfied with sex after birth

Very few women are satisfied with sex after birth

The last thing that comes to mind when you are fed up with three hours of sleep all day and changing diapers with a dozen stitches down under? Sex. Will your libido return? Definitely. But research from the MAMMI research center in Ireland shows that this can take some time ...

If one thing is clear, it is that children make a huge impact on your life. They are a blessing, but there are also certain things in your life that they can negatively affect: your freedom, your free time and your night's rest, for example. But what about your sex life? The impact on this also seems large, according to research.

Only 1 in 4 women are satisfied with their sex life a year after the birth. Now you may think that these women may not have been satisfied before the arrival of their child, but that is not the case for the vast majority. Because more than 50% of the 1500 women who participated in this study were 'very satisfied' about their sex life before giving birth. One year after birth, this percentage fell to a paltry 24%.

More than half (54%) of the women interviewed had sex once or twice a week before they had children. This percentage decreased to 41% a year after the birth. The frequency shifts on average to one or two times a month, it seems, because the percentage of women who do so little in the sack rose from 14% to as much as 51%.

Not in the mood
In addition, the survey shows that more than a quarter (26%) of the women still do not feel like swinging from the chandelier three to four months after the birth. This figure does (thankfully) decrease after a year after the birth. The bad news? 10% of the women still do not feel like it.

When will it pick up?
There is no general health guideline on how long to wait with sex after birth. Many doctors advise to wait six weeks. The most important thing is that you both feel good about it. One tip: wait until the postnatal bleeding has stopped; this increases the risk of infections.

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