Vacancy available! Maybe one of the following roles is for you?

Vacancy available! Maybe one of the following roles is for you?

I want to prepare you for the possible side jobs that await you and let you know that it doesn't always go smoothly. Maybe one of the vacancies below is something for you?

Mother-in-chief in the Santa advisory group, gym parents, reading parents, member of the Christmas committee, class parents, class newspaper parents, musical parents, evening supervisors, reserve help, school travel parents and sporting parents. And tons more.

"We can still use more hands!"
Every school organizes many activities that require the help of parents or volunteers. In every call from school I read: 'we can still use more hands' and these callouts repeat themselves very often.

'I also want to be able to refuse'
It is always the same faces that help and I suspect that there are also quite a few parents who can find themselves in the following situation:
"It's just not my thing to go to school, I've been very honest about it right from the start, and I think it's good that the school calls on parents for the activities, but I also think that a parent should be able to refuse it. . "

Of course we all have to work, there are younger children who have to be fed, clothed, etc., but once or twice a year you can think about how you could help out and make it easier for the parents who are always there.

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