Unusual ways to get your child to sleep

Unusual ways to get your child to sleep

Sometimes it seems as if the biological clock of children is different from that of their parents, especially when it comes to sleep. 'How do I get my children to sleep' is one of the most searched terms on Google.com. Pregnology found a few unusual ways to get your child to sleep.


  • Put an alarm clock under the pillow of your child, so that the ticking sounds like his mother's heartbeat.
  • Put on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Go driving around in the car.
  • Turn your child's bed around so that he sleeps with his head in the other direction.
  • Take one of your shirts and place it next to your child's face so that it smells familiar and helps him sleep.

Do you still have unusual in-sleep-trap tips? Leave them below!

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