Unbelievable: baby survives 107 days in the belly of a brain dead mother

Unbelievable: baby survives 107 days in the belly of a brain dead mother

She went to the hospital with a serious headache. A few hours later the 37-year-old Sandra Pedro from Portugal was declared brain dead. The baby? She stayed in her belly for another 107 days, and then was born, alive and well.

It is the worst thing that can happen to you as a man: losing your wife and your child in one fell swoop. For a moment, it seemed to Miguel Angelo Faria (30) that this would happen. His wife Sandra was admitted to the hospital with terrible headaches on February 20, 2016, where after a few hours they could do nothing more for her. She was declared brain-dead. At the time this happened, she was 17 weeks pregnant with her first child with Miguel. "Normally the baby also dies when the mother is brain dead, but this did not happen", one of Sandra's doctors told the Mirror.

After doctors had stated that Sandra was brain dead, they expected the baby to die. However,  this was not the case. "A miracle," says one of the doctors, "it was a shock. Because we did not know what we had to do, we asked the medical council whether we should continue the pregnancy or not. "The council soon opted for 'continue'.

Sandra got artificial nutrition. Normally the body of someone who is brain dead does not receive this, but in Sandra's case. "At first you did not see anything," says a doctor, "but at one point her breasts grew bigger and her belly began to grow. It was really a wonderful experience. "

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The warrior
After 31 weeks of pregnancy, it was decided to perform a Caesarean section. On 7 June 2016, Laurenco was born healthy, proudly called 'The Warrior' by his father. "He succeeded in saving himself", says daddy Miguel, adding that after all the misery, something good finally happened. "This baby gives meaning to my life."

Laurenco is doing well: he no longer needs to be ventilated and is in the maternity ward of the hospital. His mother was taken off the ventilator immediately after the caesarean section, after which she officially died.

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