Twee onder de twee: een grote chaos? Welnee!

Twee onder de twee: een grote chaos? Welnee!

My son was less than a year old when I typed in 'two under two' on Google. I ended up in all kinds of forums where "experts" seemed to know everything. The reactions varied considerably. Where one mother might regret having a second child so quickly, another wishes she had.

My daughter was born 21 months after my son, so I also had two children under two. I found it very difficult in some aspects and a real joy in others. And this is why:

Change factory
With two children under two and no potty training in sight, I found myself changing diapers almost non stop for hours on end.

All of my son's toys were still within reach when my daughter developed the ability to use her hands. At the moment she is swimming in the middle of the cuddly toys, rattles and knitted cloths that have been left everywhere by her big brother

My boy has a gentle nature, and so has not exhibited any jealousy of his sister at all. From the moment she was carried into our house in her bright pink Maxi-Cosi, she was showered with love by her big brother. She gets pats on her head, kisses and if there is some drool or spit around her mouth, Big Bro comes to the rescue with a hydrophilic cloth.

I once read that children under two are still flexible enough to accept such a change in the family composition.


My toddler still sleeps for three hours every afternoon, when he is put in a bed in his sleeping bag, and that break is wonderful. During those times I have extra time for his sister. Moreover, it is also nice for her that we are always at home in the afternoon, so that she can also sleep peacefully.

Baby stuff
The highchair, playpen, Maxi-Cosi, pram and other baby equipment were all not yet covered in the attic. In addition, the toddler just did not use his baby set-up anymore. Everything was immediately ready for Baby2!

Yes, it is a lot of work to keep two children under two. But I think it's no more work than entertaining two children who have a greater age difference. There are advantages and disadvantages to every age difference.

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