Trying to get pregnant? Have more sex!

Trying to get pregnant? Have more sex!

Trying for a baby? Ditch those social obligations and dive between the sheets more often! It sounds logical, but according to experts many couples just do not have enough sex.

Sometimes it's easier said than done': everyone is busy, social obligations come up, perhaps another child takes up time and energy.

New advice
The latest advice from doctors worldwide is to have more sex in general, not just when you are conceiving. It's a great fun habit to have, and will prime your body for pregnancy that little bit more.

Couples living from cycle to cycle, hoping specifically for a baby, can become stressed and sex can become mechanical, and this really puts strain on the relationship.

Treatment is usually not necessary
Exact figures are not available, but on average 10 to 15 percent of couples with a desire to have a child go to the GP at some point. Fertility problems should not be underestimated, and many couples who do have problems never even go to their doctor.

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