Tips for making a flight with a baby as pleasant as possible

Tips for making a flight with a baby as pleasant as possible

Flying with a baby? It always seems like a heavy undertaking, but if you prepare well, it is not that bad. I did it myself a few weeks ago and it went surprisingly well. Here are some tips for those who are flying with a baby for the first time.

Make the choice between your own chair or on your lap
Usually you can choose to have a baby in a car seat on the seat next to you or to carry the baby on your lap. On your lap is usually free and for your own seat you will pay the ticket price. I had my baby on my lap and that went fine for a two-hour flight. She slept the whole time.

Take a buggy or carrier to the gate
You can take a buggy up to the gate. You don't have to check it in and can keep it on in the cabin with you. A larger pram can also be taken on the plane but you have to check in and it goes directly into the baggage hold. You have to have a good protective cover, because you never know how they will handle it. I found it very convenient to take my baby to the gate in a stroller.

Drop and take off with a bottle
Just like you, baby can suffer from painful ears during take-off and lowering. To help him / her with this, you can give a bottle of water or milk. I just gave my baby a sip every time I was bothered by my ears, figuring he'd be bothered by his at the same time.

Keep essential items in a bag handy
Because I had a stroller as "hand luggage" for the baby I could not take an extra diaper bag. I did not mind that, because I just put all the baby stuff in my own suitcase. Of course, I put the case in the luggage racks. I had previously made a small bag with a bib, teat, bottle, toy and toy for my baby. I kept that bag handy, so I did not have to stand up for my suitcase during the flight.

Have you ever flown with a baby? Do you have any tips?

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