Tips before you put on your wedding dress!

Tips before you put on your wedding dress!

Your big day has finally arrived. You're getting married! You can not wait to put on your wedding dress. But wait ... don't go too fast!

Make sure you wear something comfy when you go to the hairdresser or even better: when the hairdresser comes to you. The best thing is a bathrobe so you do not have to do anything over your head. Make-up: you will probably have your make-up done by a professional. Make sure again that you have your bathrobe on.

Strapless dress
If you wear a strapless dress, do not put on your regular bra in the morning, otherwise you will see these straps. Put on a strapless bra or nothing at all. Drink that cup of coffee or tea and eat something else before you put on your dream dress. Go to the toilet and only then put your dress on. Fancy a drink? Stick to water unless you want the risk of staining!

Toilet & wedding dress
And yes ... The inevitable moment is coming. You have to go to the toilet. Depending on your dress, only 9 out of 10 times you need your auxiliary troops to help! Have them check the floor of the toilet first: is it clean enough for your dress? If there is a disabled toilet, I would definitely use it, because this means more space.

If you wear a dress with a hoop it's a little easier (ask the store where you bought your dress). You can carefully put the dress on the hoop including the train. Have your friends hold it up. Sit on the tip of the toilet and lean forward slightly. If you have a different dress, the most common advice is to sit on the toilet the other way around. If you need a number two and you can not do without your help ... well, get over it and hopefully your mother and a good friend can help you haha!

Oh, and don't postpone your toilet visit ... you wouldn't want any accidents on your big day!

Good luck!

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  • EthanWeingarth

    Wearing a wedding dress is a big problem for girls. And i think this article is al about them. Also interested girls can get many great services from wedding souvenirs easily. Because they gave the essential tips for those girls who di not know about the problems that they may face while wearing it.

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