Time for a bigger bed for your child? What should you take into account?

Time for a bigger bed for your child? What should you take into account?

Goodbye crib, hello toddler bed! That is a big step for your child, but also for you! There are a few useful things to remember when your child makes the transition from a bed to a bigger bed.

1. The edge
You obviously do not want your child to fall out of bed during his sleep. In a crib or cot that is a lot harder because of the high edges, but how can you prevent an unexpected fall in your child's sleep? Fortunately, most toddler beds have an attachment that you can take off when you are sure that your child is accustomed to his big bed. There are also toddler beds that have a fixed raised edge so that falling out becomes difficult.

If you switch immediately to a single bed, it becomes a different story, because there are no raised edges here. What I did: pillows on the floor. My kids were fairly quiet sleepers started off in a toddler bed, so they were used to a 'real' bed.

2. Security in the room
Your child is much more mobile when he is not stopped by the high edges of a crib. So if you have an enterprising type of child, it is good to check his room for dangers. For example, all sockets are shielded with a cover plate. Also make sure that there is no loose wiring in his room. And that his door is well secured, so that no fingers can get caught in hinges etc.

3. Keep a schedule
The temptation to get out of bed and start messing around is big with such a 'real' bed. Make arrangements with your child that he can not just get out of bed just because he wants to. Reward his behavior with, for example, stickers.

How do you prevent him from standing next to your bed every morning at 5? You can set an alarm clock and try to explain that they can only get out of bed if it goes off or if the first number is a 7, or if the little hand is on the 7, but that is better for some children than others. A reward system works here, too.

4. And how about you?
Letting go is one of the most important things in parenting. Check every now and then, but not too much: you also want to give your child the confidence that he can take that new step. So, leave them be!

At what age did your child go to a bigger bed?

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