This video of childbirth in a car goes viral

This video of a mother giving birth in the car on the way to hospital has been out for some time, but we think it's a classic. 

During the ride to the hospital, the father-to-be turns on the camera. The video shows the mother's waters break and then things start to get very serious!

The crown is showing!

At one point the woman says that the baby's crown is showing between her legs. She and the father both keep very calm and he helps to remove her pants and seatbelt.

In almost no time at all, the woman has given birth to a happy little baby boy. Baby begins to cry immediately, and mom and dad give each other a well-deserved high-five. Mom is concerned about baby's welfare, does he need to be cleaned, or cough out his mucus, but dad reassures her by telling her to hold baby upside down while he cries, to clear his lungs. She stays calm throughout.

Not their first child

The whole event seems very scary, and we know we wouldn't want to be in their shoes. It's not exactly an ideal situation, and it's very risky to go through childbirth in this way, but it helps that these parents already have two children, so some experience under their belts. They knew exactly what to do, which helped them to stay calm and not panic through it.

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