This is what you want to hear from your partner about your mummy body

This is what you want to hear from your partner about your mummy body

If you have just given birth your body will look different than before your delivery. Blogger Laura Mazza shared a picture of her belly after giving birth. She felt rather insecure about her body, but her husband came up with a heart-warming reaction ...

On her Facebook-pagina she says:

"This is not the body you fell in love with," I told him.

Tight jeans
The body he fell in love with fitted tight jeans, could just walk into a store, grab something, and know for sure it would fit. But this body can no longer go to such stores, it usually wears leggings. His body has remained the same and mine has changed completely. It's not fair…

Fall in love every day
I stood before him, tired and broken. The tears were in my eyes' This is not the body you fell in love with. 'Then he said:' That's right. It is not the body that I fell in love with. But it is the body in which our children have grown, it has nurtured our children, reassured them, made lives. I am still in love with your body every day. I did not know what love was until I saw this body and I found out what it was all about, so thank you for that. "

Do not be ashamed of what you have, or what your mother's body looks like, there is still time to eat no tarts in the future, but for now: enjoy the moments you have, enjoy the fact that you've made something that every straw and well is worth. If you need a memory: this is it, this body that you now have, it is more than worth every bit of love. "

Do you ever feel insecure about your 'new' body?

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