This is what breastmilk looks like under a microscope!

This is what breastmilk looks like under a microscope!

A video of a drop of breast milk under the microscope shows how special and unique this is. American Jansen Howard made and shared the unique images because she herself was so impressed by what she calls "the liquid gold".

"This is breast milk in motion," said the mother of a 11-month-old daughter. "Thanks to my father who studies blood under the microscope every day as a laboratory technician, I was able to capture the miracle of breastfeeding, and mother's milk is perfectly tailored to what my baby needs at the time," the mother wrote on Facebook. The video has now been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

Continuous change
On the news website The Huffington Post, Jansen told that she made the video when her daughter was ill and why that was so important. "I had heard that breastfeeding is changing constantly, depending on what your child needs at that moment, the proportions of active ingredients change, for example if your baby is ill, there are more antibodies to make the immune system stronger. "

Fight against cancer
"My mother is currently fighting cancer, so we regularly watch her blood under the microscope to check the numbers of her white blood cells." When I read in an article that one drop of breastfeeding can take up to one million white blood cells I wanted to see that with my own eyes. My family and I were all impressed by how beautiful it was. "The mother shared the video on breastfeeding groups on Facebook, and so the images quickly went viral.

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