This is how you make your house baby-proof

This is how you make your house baby-proof

Once a baby has discovered crawling, many things in the house are suddenly dangerous. The baby picks up everything, puts everything in his mouth and tries to pull everything on top of himself. Spending the whole day with your baby is of course the best course of action and you should always keep an eye on it. Yet you can give yourself a hand by making the house baby-proof with these tips.


  • Place fences at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • Provide anti-slip mats under clothing
  • Watch out with fitness equipment, such as an exercise bike
  • Remove all furniture at the edge of the balcony
  • Place window guards on the floors

The living room

  • Fix socket protectors
  • Fasten cabinets to the wall
  • Cover sharp corners and edges
  • Make sure the TV is properly secured
  • Put fragile items out of reach
  • Place finger protection on the door
  • Secure all cables
  • Place high floor lamps behind other furniture
  • Remove tablecloths
  • Toxic plants must be removed
  • Keep the baby away from the heater or the fireplace

The bathroom and kitchen

  • Secure cupboard doors and drawers with safety hooks
  • Keep plastic bags, coins, magnets and batteries out of reach
  • Cover oven and cooker knobs
  • Always keep the thermostat on cold
  • Keep razor blades out of reach
  • Remove pans from reach while cooking
  • Keep vitamins and medicines out of reach
  • Keep cleaning products out of reach
  • Place litter trays and pet food somewhere that the baby can not reach
  • Store fragile crockery and cutlery high

How did you baby-proof your house?

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