Things you wish you had done when you first conceived

Things you wish you had done when you first conceived

We can't go back in time, but sometimes it's nice to reminisice. You'd never change a thing, but you definitely miss a few things from before having your first child, such as...

- Being alone at home all day and doing absolutely nothing.

- Going to the hairdresser and not having to worry about how long it will take.

- Dancing and chatting in the local pub for an evening.

- Sleeping in. And not until half past 10, but just really until at least 11 o'clock, half past 12.

- Eating out with your loved one. In a really chic restaurant, without fries flying all over the place.

- Going on holiday to a tropical island and then preferably to an adult-only resort. Since you have only dared to go to France since the birth of your child. On a child-friendly campsite.

- Renting a convertible. In the family car you now feel anything but sexy.

- Reading a book in just a day or two, because you can!

- Holding a Netflix marathon. Whether it's Pretty Little Liars or Orange Is The New Black.

- Throwing a party, in the evening, and without 83028 other children coming.

- Organize a girls night with friends in pajamas and with bad films and lots of food.

- Being selfish. Too bad the other person has to stand, you saw that chair first.

- Having a lot of sex.

- Cooking an extensive meal including starter, main course and dessert.

- Run a lot, just for the joy of it.

- Taking a long bath.

- Just going to the cinema.

- Shopping just for yourself.

Do you wish you had done anything that you feel you've now missed out on?

Source: Babble

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