Things you think in the second trimester

Things you think in the second trimester

If the first - uncertain - trimester is behind, many women start to really enjoy their pregnancy. The belly starts to grow, you slowly feel your baby moving more and your energy comes back a little.

If you enjoy your pregnancy, then it's usually in the second trimester. These thoughts my come to mind

- Ha! I do not have to hold my belly anymore!

- Is a neon arrow on it with the text "HERE IS MY CHILD !! "a little too much?

- What a cute outfit! I'll buy that!

- Where do I get clothes that 1. Fits my belly and 2. Does not take half my salary.

- Oohh !! I felt something!

- Was that my baby?

- Will it be a boy or a girl? Do I want to know?


- These shoes! <3 I want them !!

- Pinterest for children's room ideas!

- Aah look, this cute blue outfit!

- Maybe get a new pot of paint, I don't like the nursery colour!

- I get crazy about all the comments about my stomach!

- And also of all those who ignore it!

- OW! That was a very clear kick!

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