Things you should "really" eat during pregnancy

Things you should "really" eat during pregnancy

You can't eat soft cheese, smoked salmon, or drink your favourite alcoholic beverage while pregnant, but what is good to eat?

During pregnancy, your baby is fed entirely through your umbilical cord. He relies on you for good nutrition, so what you eat and drink is vitally important. Your body will be working hard, and your stock of vitamins and minerals will be used up quickly. Nausea can cause a lack of replenishment, so small regular meals are the key here. Also, try to eat as soon as you wake up,

Because your body is doing so much work, you will often find yourself tired and tempted to reach for the sugary stuff. Don't; it's no good for you or baby, and you'll soon find your weight skyrocketing. Instead, get some protein, some nuts, or some fruit inside you.

Important vitamins and minerals during pregnancy.
Folic acid: Is important for the development of the brain and spinal cord of your baby. For sufficient folic acid it is necessary to swallow a dietary supplement, from four weeks before fertilization, to ten weeks afterwards.
Found in: Whole grain products, green vegetables and fruit

Vitamin D: Ensures that calcium is properly absorbed by the body; good for bones and teeth. During pregnancy it is recommended that you get an extra 10 micrograms per day, and continue if you are breastfeeding.
Found in: Butter, full fat milk products, oily fish. 

Iron: An important nutrient for structural cells and healthy blood.
Found in: Meat, whole grains, potatoes, vegetables and spinach

Zinc: Good for cell division and thus the growth of your baby.
Found in: Meat, fish, and peas.

Vitamin A: You need this for clear vision development, and for strong bones and teeth. Too much Vitamin A can cause developmental abnormalities, so don't take a supplement.
Found in: Liver is a powerful source of Vitamin A, but easily overdosed on. A much safer form is Beta-Carotene, which your body converts to Vitamin A in doses that it needs. Sources include vegetables, fruit, eggs and legumes. Carrots and sweet potatoes are very good sources.

Calcium: Necessary for the creation of bones and teeth
Found in: Milk and dairy products, vegetables and whole grains

Omega-3: Vital for proper development of brain and nerve functions.
Found in: Oily fish like mackerel, salmon, herring and sardines.

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