Things you hear when you work from home

Things you hear when you work from home

If one type of employee or entrepreneur is often misunderstood, it is the homeworker. It seems like everybody thinks you're just having a good time at home watching TV with your cappuccino instead of trying to make some money. 11 things you don't want to hear.

"Your child goes to daycare twice a week...but you're at home? "
Yes, it's really easy to work with a young child there.

"Hey, we'll go to town tomorrow on Thursday afternoon"
Um...I have to work?

"Hey, they're looking for a receptionist, is not that for you?"
I'm at home, it does not mean I'm unemployed.

"Can not you wash, iron, do groceries and clean up?
Sure, because I do not work of course.

"But what are you doing all day?"
Netflix, obviously.

"Do not you get any money?"
I earn more with my own company than you do at your job, actually.

"I thought your house would always be super clean."
Yes, because I have nothing to do but clean

"Do you have a cleaning lady? But you're home? Do not you feel guilty? '
No. I work, she cleans.

"Are you looking for a real job?"

"Do not you miss any grown ups around you?"
I don't live in solitary confinement.

"What about an education?"
As an entrepreneur you have to be very versatile, so I'm fine thanks, thank you.

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