Things you did before you became a mother

Things you did before you became a mother

Your life before and after becoming a parent seems almost like two entirely different worlds. Of course, being a parent is wonderful, but there are some things now which is just seem impossible!

  • Get out of your house with a bunch of keys, your debit card and your mobile in a jacket pocket.

  • Get up half an hour before work, take a quick shower and go!

  • On the weekend spend a whole day (or both!) On the couch with Netflix.

  • Sleep until 11 o'clock. Or stay in bed until you really need a drink.

  • Go to the local restaurant if you don't feel like cooking.

  • During a night out not have to constantly watch your phone for babysitter calling.

  • Make conversations with friends who do not have children.

  • Not burst into tears during any childbirth scene in a movie.

  • During shopping, just look for clothes for yourself and not be tempted by the children's section ...

  • Have hours to paint your nails, apply your makeup, style your hair.

  • Just go to the cinema. And hey, go crazy: watch two movies!

  • Or to the hairdresser.

  • Not have to take a bag filled with diapers and bottles.

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