Things you can do for a friend after a miscarriage

Things you can do for a friend after a miscarriage

Where one person wants to put a big loss behind them, others feel the real need to process it. A miscarriage is often a big blow and if a friend experiences this, you obviously want to support her. If you don't know how, try one of these.

Send a card
To let her know that you really sympathize with the loss, you can send her a card with a sweet poem from the heart.

Bring along some goodies
She certainly does not want to go shopping. Do you know what her favorite food or snack is? Then bring it to her.

Send her messages often
Keep sending texts, even if she may not respond to it now. She reads it and will appreciate that you think of her.

Bring a bunch of flowers along
Flowers to brighten up the house, of course, can never hurt. If she lives far away you can always have them delivered.

Offer help
Maybe there are chores in the house or messages to do, which they themselves have not been up to. Offer to help her and show that you are there for her.

Sometimes you do not have to say anything. Listen carefully to her when she wants to talk.

Do you have a friend who has had a miscarriage, or have you had one?

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