These special twins don't have the same skin colour!

These special twins don

One in one million. So small is the chance that you as a couple with different skin color get twins with mixed skin color. Smaller than small. Yet it happened to Hannah (20) and Kyle (24) from England.

Daughter Amaya inherited her mother's light skin color and her daughter Myla has with the dark skin of her father. Not only the color of the skin is different, both girls also have the external characteristics that belong to a dark and light skin color. Amaya has beautiful bright blue eyes and Myla in her turn has dark eyes.

The family can not walk down the street or in the supermarket without being stared at by curious passers-by. Because besides being incredibly cute, the difference in appearance is noticeable. Continuously questions are asked such as: "Are you children?" "Are they sisters?" and "Is it twins?"

Difference not visible immediately after birth


It took a while for the new parents to realize that their daughters are so different. After the birth the girls both looked a bit purplish, something that happens more often just after a delivery. The skin color always forms somewhat later as does the color of the eyes. "They both seemed to be dark in color, so I automatically assumed Kyle's skin color would be the dominant," adds Hannah. But after two weeks it became very clear that the two little ones are completely different in appearance.



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How can this be?
The girls are fraternal. This means that every child has their own set of genes because they are each born from their own egg. It is basically the same as all other brothers and sisters from a family. Children from the same family can look very similar, even if they are not twins, but that is certainly not always the case. That is exactly the same with a fraternal twins. They are, as it were, ordinary sisters born on the same day.

Credit. Daily Mirror

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