These cartoons show what it's like to be a mother!

These cartoons show what it

We've already put up some hilarious cartoons about what it's like to be pregnant, but what about the life just after the birth? That too is a whole new world in which the most bizarre things happen and you will undoubtedly think now and then: what the hell am I doing...? Cartoonist Line Severinsen lays it all out.

Sleep? never heard of it.

The nightly fight for space in bed.

Milk pumping while out at that glamorous party.

Crying at nursery.​

Evil nurses who "help" you breastfeed.

Who says being a housewife is easy!​

Toddlers on public transport.​

That you suddenly have a pair of melons.​

When hubby has a daddy day.​

Want more? Visit the Instagram-account of Line Severinsen!

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