These are the smallest diapers ever made

These are the smallest diapers ever made

For most parents, diapers are not really something that is thought about very much, unless they are full. But for parents of premature children, finding a suitable diaper that can not do any harm is often impossible, until now!

Less than a kilo

The diapers, developed by the Huggies brand, are specially designed for babies weighing less than a kilo. About 1.4 percent of all babies born every year fall into that category. Huggies noticed this demand for special diapers and, together with premature departments of the hospital, searched for the best sizes, shapes and materials to bring these diapers on the market. The diapers carry the name: Little Snuggler Nano Preemie diapers.

Especially for premature development
The diapers are specially designed to not get in the way of development. Soft edges and smooth openings but do what they are made for, absorb moisture and ensure that the fragile skin of the baby is not irritated. The strips are also much smaller and specially designed to adjust the diaper on each baby. The diaper is adjustable so that baby can be placed in any position.

Well-fitting diapers are always very important but certainly an absolute must for premature children. The skin is well protected, and caregivers can still access and change them easily. Also any wires and monitors will not get stuck in the diapers.

Also nice for parents
Parents of premature children know only too well how difficult it is to see a child who needs so much specialist care. Besides being painful and sad, it is also a huge shock and you have to let go of the image you had in your head of parenting. Often premature children are not able to wear clothes because their bodies have to learn to regulate the temperature themselves, or because hospital staff must regularly operate wires and equipment. So putting on and taking off a diaper is usually one of the few intimate moments parents can have with their child. If a diaper does not fit completely, it can be very frustrating.

The diapers are therefore perhaps super small, but they do make a BIG difference.

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