These are the nice bits of being pregnant!

These are the nice bits of being pregnant!

Nausea, fatigue, heartburn, bowel problems ... Sometimes we do not talk about pregnancy disorders. But being pregnant is not just a matter of trouble and ailments. There are also nice aspects to being pregnant!

The feeling before revealing that big secret
You walk around with a radiant smile, but really do not want to say anything about it: that you are pregnant! That feeling is great! You know something big, something beautiful, something amazing, and the rest of the world still knows nothing. This is a moment to enjoy!

Thick hair, strong nails
I don't know how it was with you, but during my pregnancy I was suddenly in possession of a thick, shiny hair and strong nails! Now I already have a big bunch of hair, but it was much better during both my pregnancies. And it was so shiny!

And my nails stopped splitting. They were super strong and sometimes difficult to get through with nail scissors. All because of my pregnancy hormones.

Better sex
Maybe in the first trimester you have absolutely no need for sex, because you are terribly tired or sick. But in the second trimester you will feel more seductive than ever before due to the production of extra testosterone. And hello: those breasts that are a size bigger ... they'll come in handy ;)

Nice people
What can unknown people suddenly be nice to you. They get up in public transport for you. Or ask if you feel good and whether your pregnancy is going well. Or they get up to fetch your cup of tea from the sink because you forgot to bring it with you.

What did you like the most about your pregnancy?

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