These are the most popular names in different countries

These are the most popular names in different countries

Each country has its own top 3 in terms of names. In the US, the top 3 most popular girl names in 2016 consisted of Olivia, Ava, and Emma. The most popular boy names were William, Liam, and Noah. But what about other countries?

Sometimes the same names are popular, such as Emma or Noah, but maybe the most popular names in other countries can be a nice source of inspiration if you're still looking for a name for your unborn child?

Girl names: Charlotte, Oliva, Amelia
Boy names: Oliver, William, Jack

Girl names: Alice, Sophia, Júlia
Boy names: Miguel, Arthur, Davi

Girl names: Emma, ​​Olivia, Charlotte
Boy names: Liam, William, Noah

Girl names: Marie, Sophie / Sofie, Sophia / Sofia
Boy names: Elias, Alexander, Maximillian

Girl names: Louise, Emma, ​​Jade
Boy names: Gabriel, Jules, Lucas

Girl names: Amelia, Olivia, Emily
Boy names: Oliver, Jack, Harry

Girl names: Aadya, Ananya, Shanaya
Boy names: Muhammed, Aarav, Arjun

Girl names: Emily, Emma, ​​Ava
Boy names: Jack, James, Daniel

Girl names: Tamar, Adele, Miriam
Boy names: Mohammed, Yosef / Yusef, David

Girl names: Sofia, Aurora, Giulia
Boy names: Francesco, Alessandro, Mattaia

Girl names: Himari, Hina, Yua
Boy names: Ren, Hiroto, Haruto

Girl names: Sophia, Maria, Anastasia
Boy names: Artem, Aleksandr, Maksim

Girl names: Zeynep, Elif, Hiranur
Boy names: Yusuf, Eymen, Ömer

United States
Girl names: Emma, ​​Olivia, Ava
Boy names: Noah, Liam, William

More inspiration can be found in our names database!

Have you given your child a foreign name? We are very curious! Maybe you can inspire others?

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