The ultimate tips for breastfeeding in public

The ultimate tips for breastfeeding in public

After a long walk through town, baby was hungry and I had to feed somewhere publicly. Something that is completely normal, but which I still felt I had to hide.

In this case, breastfeeding was mostly accepted, but I also received comments such as: "Are you going to do that in the bathroom?" (No, who eats in the bathroom?) Or "Are you really going to get out your tits here? "(Yes, because I have to feed, not because I want to show them to everyone).

In the first months after birth, I prefered to plan everything around feeding so that I was home again in time to feed. Totally not convenient of course, because that means you have to be home every three hours. Only now, after breastfeeding for five months, I have found it comfortable at home and in public. Fortunately, because the most important thing is and remains of course that the baby gets food.

Here are a few tips to make breastfeeding in public somewhat easier.

Put on comfortable clothes
If you know that you have the chance to feed in public, wear something that makes it easy to get to your chest. For example, it is not practical to put on a dress that you have to pull up all the way.

Choose a good bra
A good nursing bra is essential, because with a regular bra you simply can not get in and out easily. So invest in one or two nursing bras.

Practice at home
You can practice at home with postures and ways in which you can subtly get your boob out. This way you are already more confident and you do not have to 'hang around' in public.

Prepare yourself well
Make sure you have enough bibs and wipes to prevent you from being covered in milk stains.

Find a comfortable spot
Make sure you find a place where you are comfortable. If necessary, you can also pick out coffee shops or other public places in advance to feed. For lack of privacy, do not feel compelled to go to a public toilet to feed This is not hygienic and you yourself would not eat your lunch there either.

Take a scarf or large hydrophilic cloth
If it happens that you have to feed in a place where you do not feel at ease, you can still cover yourself.

Do you have any tips for breastfeeding in public?

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