The timing of childbirth shows some strange patterns emerging....

The timing of childbirth shows some strange patterns emerging....

What time was your baby born? Was it during the day, in the evening or at night? Was it during a public holiday or during the weekend? 

British research among the births of 5 million babies shows that parents still have a slight preference for the moment when their babies come into the world. For example, when it comes to natural births, they are usually born between 1 am and 7 am, with a peak at around 4 am.

What exactly matters is that this time is so popular, is not known, but the researchers attribute it to our early ancestors. And we mean our ancestors from a very long time ago. They lived in groups and were especially active during the day and on the road. In the evening everyone came together again to rest. So in the evening and at night it was the ideal time to give birth to a child because she and her baby had the protection of the group.

What was further noticeable in the research was that there were noticeably fewer births during the Christmas season. This is of course logical for planned births such as caesarean sections or births that are initiated, says a researcher, but the natural births were less on those days ... And how does that come about? More research is required.

On what day and at what time did you give birth?


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