The three best ways to let your baby do a peasant

The three best ways to let your baby do a peasant

After feeding, especially after a bottle because extra air is taken in, it is important that your baby has a good burp. These are the three best ways to help.

1. On your lap with a hand under the chin

Put your baby on your lap and support the chin with your hand. Do not put your hand in his throat. Let your baby lean forward slightly and rub or knock on his back. It is important to let your child lean forward as this allows the air to escape better.

2. On his left side

Put your baby on his left side. If his stomach is pointing a little downwards, the air will escape nicely this way.

3. The classic

This is the classic position. Cradle baby against you and gently pat and rub his back.

Video: burping for beginners!

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