The most embarrassing pregnancy ailments

The most embarrassing pregnancy ailments

You thought it would go like this: with your slim body with only a bulging bally, you would go for a nice stroll in your heels. Because pregnant women are charming and beautiful! Of course, that's true, but you also have the following ailments. Gentlemen, you have been warned.

Excessive sweating
If you take your three steps from the lounge to the kitchen, it seems as if you have just run a half marathon. Especially at the end of your pregnancy - and especially if you are due in the summer - this will be familiar to you.

Oh hello, a hemorrhoid! Many women suffer from this during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids is a condition in which tissues with blood vessels around the anus or the rectum start to swell. They can become inflamed and start bleeding. Attractive. Going to the toilet can be painful. If you suffer from them, pop to the pharmacy for some ointments.

Constipation & flatulence
Another charming one. Many ladies who are pregnant suffer from constipation, ie no longer being able to defecate. Your bowels work more slowly during your pregnancy. Try to eat a lot of fiber (vegetables, fruit or wholemeal bread) and to exercise regularly. In addition, you do have more problems with gas formation. Charming!

The funny thing is that some who already suffered from acne before their pregnancy during their pregnancy have less or no problems. But the other way around is also the case: your smooth skin disappears like snow in the sun and every morning when you look in the mirror you count how many pimples have been added. Take care of your skin in any case, clean it in the evening, do not play with your pimples too much and pray that it will pass again.

More discharge
Perhaps you have already noticed: you have more separation than normal. If the color is different (green or brown instead of white) then you probably have a fungal infection. Rest assured, many ladies have gone before you and now you can get cream or tablets for this at the doctor or pharmacy.

Especially by the end of your pregnancy you can sometimes accidentally have a little pee. This is because the baby presses against your bladder and because hormones relax your sphincter muscles. Even after giving birth, you can still suffer from a weakened pelvic floor muscle. You can train these to become stronger again.

Hair growth in unwanted places
One of the benefits of being pregnant is that your hair becomes more beautiful and fuller. But unfortunately there is also another side to the story. You also get her in unwanted places. How about your belly, your nipples or your face? Keep the tweezers at the ready!

Itching  breasts
Strange but true: you can suffer from itchy breasts. Menthol powder can help if the itching becomes too bad or spreads over the rest of your body.

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