The best gender reveal videos!

The best gender reveal videos!

One of the best moments for either of my pregnancies was the moment I found out whether I was having a son or a daughter. The first time was just on the table in the scanning room. The second was done via a gender-reveal cake. A hilarious, amazing, joyful moment that I wouldn't swap for all the money in the world.

Since then I've been a fan of gender reveal videos online. Here are some of my favourites.

Baby number 7

Imagine: you have six sons and want nothing more than to give them a sister. This video will not disappoint!

Double surprise

This couple tells their friends and family the gender of their twins, but they're not finished there... 


This couple decides to remove a number of pink and blue balls from a box. Whatever color the majority of balls are, that's the gender of the baby. This one's a bit long, but if you skip to about 6:25, you're good!


The reactions of older children to finding out the gender of their new sibling can be so sweet! These three brothers clearly had a preference, which we can see from their response as they open the boxes of balloons!


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