The 5 best things to do with baby in winter

The 5 best things to do with baby in winter

Even if you like winter, sometimes you sit inside with your little one and wonder: what will I do now? Of course cocooning with your child is wonderful. Cozy on the couch, stove on, cup of tea at the ready. I've put together a few tips for you that are fun to do with a baby.

Baby swimming
Try out baby swimming once. Chilling out together in the warm water. Your child will love this and relax visibly. For you it is also nice, because you are among the people, the warm water also relaxes you and your child can play with other babies in the water.

Make a walking appointment with a friend who also has a child (or a dog). Together you walk through the park or the forest in the fresh air. Pack your baby and yourself warm and go out!

Depending on how old your child is, the Museum is super fun to go for young and old. Even if your baby is still small, the bright colors will appeal to and stimulate him or her. 

Family visit
Visit the uncle or great aunt who has not seen you for a long time. The family ties are rekindled and your great grandmother or great-uncle will really like it. In addition, you immediately counter the loneliness among the elderly. Win win!

Working visit
Visit dad or mom at work. Of course, not every profession is ideal for this. But if possible it is super fun. Just show off your beautiful baby and your partner will love to see you during his working day. You do not have to stay there for hours, but show off with your little one for twenty minutes!

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