Take a nap, really!

Take a nap, really!

It is of course easy to say to newborn mothers: sleep when your baby is asleep. But sometimes that is very difficult. Especially with a first child, your thoughts often wander to things that still have to happen to make sure that your baby is short of nothing. But also as a mother it is necessary to refuel occasionally. So with these tips you will hopefully still get that well-deserved nap.

The duration of your nap

According to sleep experts it is important that your nap has a certain duration. So it is good to take a nap of 20 to 30 minutes, or one that lasts one and a half hours. For example, a short nap can ensure that you get a boost, while you can recover from a bad night with a longer nap. But be warned: if you sleep between 30 and 90 minutes, you feel more tired, because you did not have a complete sleep cycle.

The optimal situation

Ensure the optimal conditions for going to sleep. Do this by simulating your sleep ritual of the evening. Get your make-up off your face, put on a comfortable pajamas, and lie down in a place where it is dark, quiet and not too hot. Perhaps a sleep mask is an idea to give you even more that 'night feeling'.


Getting to sleep when the baby sleeps sounds very logical, but as a mother of a newborn you are often so busy with your thoughts because you still have everything on your to-do list, that you have difficulty falling asleep immediately falls when the baby is sleeping. Do not feel too guilty putting 'take a nap' on your to-do list and do not feel guilty to take off 'doing laundry' or 'folding the laundry' from your list. You'll get nothing done if you're exhausted.

Give yourself a boost in a different way

If you really do not want to take a nap. Give yourself some extra energy in a different way. Get some fresh air by walking with your baby, or have an extra cup of coffee. But do not take an extra cup of coffee too often, because too much caffeine causes a restless feeling and you can also make sure that you have trouble falling asleep in the evening.

Do you nap to recharge?

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