Surprising: postnatal depression also affects fathers

Surprising: postnatal depression also affects fathers

Unfortunately, more than one in ten women has to deal with postnatal depression, we now know. But also that fathers - which because of the arrival of a baby from a hormonal point of view, can not deal with this - was new information for us. And the most shocking: fathers get postnatal depression almost as often as mothers!

Recent research by the University of Massachusetts shows that between 4 and 25% (!!!) of new fathers may suffer from postnatal depression in the first three to six months after the birth of their offspring.

The symptoms are usually similar to those of mothers: they may feel hopeless, anxious, sleepless and / or guilty. Also they sometimes have no interest in their normal daily activities and - to a lesser extent - suffer from suicidal thoughts.

But that does not stop there, according to the research. Fathers may also experience other complaints: they are irritated faster than usual, grumpy, avoid the home situation and can even become violent.

Therapist and co-founder of Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota describes it as follows: "Postnatal depression in men is often not recognized, since they do not openly admit to having trouble with their new life. They do not walk around sad and do not cry. However, they become angry faster and withdraw from their partner and their new family. "

Search for help
Of course we do not have to explain that it is wise that help is sought when the father suffers from postnatal depression. Not only because it can lead to very sad situations within a family in the short term, but also because studies show that children of fathers with postnatal depression are more likely to have behavioral problems later on.

Do you think that your friend, husband, brother or colleague, or others, is not comfortable after the arrival of a new family member? There is help (your GP can tell you more about this) and by jumping in as quickly as possible, the chances are the greatest that the new father can also enjoy his new family life.

Has your friend or husband suffered from postnatal depression?

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