Sticking stuff onto baby's head? What?

My daughter was almost hairless until her second year of life. It didn'y grow well and that's okay. Sometimes I found it annoying when she was mistaken for the second time as a boy but overall I was fine with it. But there are some parents totally disagree ...

Mothers in Brazil are really annoyed with the fact that their daughters have no hair. Being able to distinguish between a boy and a girl they say is very important and if that can not be done by means of a ponytail or braid then a sticky bow will do!

Girlie Glue

We found this video that promotes special 'Girlie Glue'. So-called child-friendly adhesive that can be used to stick different accessories onto baby's head.

Opinions are divided on the product. Most people find it ridiculous, but there are also mothers who understand it and see it as good that this has been put on the market.

What do you think about this?

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