Spot the differences: before and after having children

Spot the differences: before and after having children

Less puffiness, radiant skin, usually slimmer ... If you see pictures from the time before you get children, you marvel at how 'fresh' you looked. A father from New York has called on Instagram to send parents photos of before and after having children. Now you can see that you are not the only one who looks 'different' after having a child ...

Mike Julianelle from the blog Dad and Buried has an Insta account 'Got Toddlered' where he puts funny statements and pictures when it comes to what children can 'do' to you.

Look for the differences
Recently he placed a before and after photo of himself: from before and after having his children. Soon followed by photos of other parents who wanted to show the difference:


Do you think that you have changed a lot in appearance now that you have a child?

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