Special: Mother refuses to use diapers with newborn daughter

Special: Mother refuses to use diapers with newborn daughter

A baby who has never had a diaper? It happens in large parts of the world, but in the West we usually don't do it that way. Australian mother Cindy Lever refuses, however, to use diapers with her newborn daughter Chloe.

We've written a few times about potty training here at Pregnology. Sometimes it's actually training yourself to learn your baby's signals that they need to pee or poo.

Getting on and off
Newborn babies are just like adults: they do not like to dirty themselves. But because we do not look at the signals from our children, they get used to being able to poop and pee in a diaper, then learn how not to do so a few years later...

Although most of us do not like to start toilet training with a baby - caring for a new baby is already enough work, we prefer to stick a diaper on them - Cindy thought it was a very good idea to start toilet training her newborn girl straight away.

She lets Chloe pee and poop in the sink, and handily can clean her very easily and gently afterwards. There have been a few hiccups!

Would instant cleanliness training be something you'd consider?


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