Snacks for children must not contain more than 100 calories

Snacks for children must not contain more than 100 calories

Do you know how much sugar your child is eating per day? According to the English health organization Public Health England (PHE), it is now far too much. Therefore they advise to reduce and give children snacks that do not contain more than 100 calories.

Research by the organization shows that children between 4 and 10 years old eat a snack containing sugar on average three times a day. This can mean that they easily receive more than the recommended amount of sugar.

The health organization has now launched a campaign to alert parents to let their child eat a healthy snack and that it should not contain more than 100 calories, with a maximum of two snacks per day.

Too much sugar
Children get a lot of sugars by eating unhealthy snacks like cookies, cupcakes, sweets and drinking sugary drinks. According to the PHE, children eat an average of 400 biscuits per year, 120 cakes / pastries, 100 sweets, 70 chocolate bars and 150 glasses of sugary drinks.

How many calories?
Curious about how many calories there is in a snack that your child eats regularly? Here is a list:

  • Ice cream - about 175 calories
  • Bag of chips/crisps - 190 calories
  • Chocolate bar - 200 calories
  • Cake - 270 calories

Tips for healthy snacks
To give you even more inspiration for healthy snacks ... How about:

carrot sticks
rice / corn waffles
sugar-free candies

Do you have any ideas for healthy snacks?

Source: BBC

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