Smoking forbidden in cars with children

Smoking forbidden in cars with children

In Scotland, a law is now in force that prohibits smoking in the car with children under the age of 18. According to the BBC, the law is aimed at protecting children from passive smoking. In Scotland, this law has been unanimously adopted by parliament and the fines for violating it can reach up to one thousand pounds. 

The smoking ban will protect young people from the effects of smoking in a small space. Research from the University of Cardiff revealed that one in ten children in Wales are exposed to cigarette smoke in cars.

Doctors state that parents underestimate the effects of nicotine smoke. The concentration of smoke is so high that children can get headache, become sick or even get an acute asthma attack. In addition, these children have twice as high a risk of airway complaints.

Two Dutch pediatricians, Wanda de Kanter and Pauline Dekker support the decision.

Enforcement proves difficult

A similar law was introduced in England and Wales in 2015. However, enforcement of the law proves difficult. According to Sheila Duffy of Ash Scotland, an anti-smoking lobby, the law is "a clear signal that children must grow in a smoke-free environment".


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