Sleep in bed with baby or not? Is it safe?

Sleep in bed with baby or not? Is it safe?

I love the dreamy nights with my little one in bed. It's great that I do not have to get out of bed at night, and he can grab me to feed. However, is it safe?

Cot death
According to the experts at the consultation office - NO. At my last consultation I indicated that he often cried at night and I therefore keep him in bed with me. The pediatrician looked at me seriously and said that she should inform me that there is an increased risk of cot death when lying in a bed together.

My intuition clearly wants us to sleep together. I even have the idea that I feel it and are constantly aware of its breathing, and this helps me sleep. It feels so natural. If I search on Google, I find others with the same opinion. Sleeping together helps the baby to regulate heartbeat and breathing. It is also good for the bonding and feeling of security. The baby also sleeps more and deeper through the presence of his mother. There are also studies that indicate that it reduces the chance of cot death. However, always take your own doctor's advice.

Are you co-sleeping?

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