Skin on skin contact is good for the health of premature children

Skin on skin contact is good for the health of premature children

Research shows that skin on skin contact of babies with a caregiver, also known as pouching, has a positive influence on premature babies.

The research was done at the Máxima medical center in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Health issues
Often children born prematurely suffer from behavioral or health problems. According to PhD student Deedee Kommers, these problems can be tackled by improving parent-child bonding.

Cuddle chemical
During her research she discovered that pouching is the best time to measure the bond between the parent and their prematurely born child. This immediately showed a change in the heart rhythm of the baby and also the amount of the happiness and cuddle hormone increased with the pouching.

When they are held this way, children are placed on the naked breast of one of the parents and you are covered with a blanket. This is how the pouch of a kangaroo is imitated.

During the Kommers study, the pouch time on the NICU of the MMC was doubled. "It is clear that extending the actual pouch duration is the most effective way to improve parent-child attachment."

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