Signs that you are doing well as a mother

Signs that you are doing well as a mother

Sometimes you doubt if you're a good mother. Are your children happy and healthy? Are you doing it all right or all wrong? We've compiled a little checklist for you.

Your children are generally happy.

You love them as they are.

In general, you do your best!

You regularly wonder if you are a good mother.

You are not a drug addict.

They regularly eat.

And they go to shower every now and then.

You regularly read articles, blogs and news about children and teachers.

If your child is sick, you go to the doctor.

You talk to your partner regularly about the upbringing and care of your children.

You regularly have their favorite snack at home.

You regularly have free time to play with them or hug.

You tell them you love them.

You're proud if they have drawn something terrible.

They regularly cry because you stop them doing what they want.

They can not imagine a life without you.

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