Scientist: negative self-image in girls comes from mothers

Scientist: negative self-image in girls comes from mothers

Many young girls have a negative self-image. For a long time the cause of this was seen in the way fashion models are edited and the grubby Barbies with which our daughters play. Now, however, research shows that a negative self-image in girls is mainly due to the mothers.

Researcher Stefanie focused on the subject in the last seventeen years and she came to a shocking conclusion: girls are mainly influenced by their mother in their self-image. Her years of research began mainly from her own experience: "My mother was always very critical of her own appearance, she always found herself too fat and said so regularly, she had problems with her upper arms, she always showed them." Stefanie's grandmother and aunts also had a lot to criticize on their own bodies and regularly gossiped about the appearance of other women.

Self image
According to Stefanie all this negativity had a big effect on her own self-image. "I can not remember when I was dissatisfied with my own body for the first time, but I think that has always been the case," she continues: "At one point I was also obsessively occupied with my 'fat upper arms' on closer inspection are not at all disproportionate! " Stefanie's research has shown that regardless of the appearance of a girl, her self-image was always comparable to her mother's self-image. In other words, if her mother was very negative about her appearance, her daughter was.

Various studies show that girls are more negative about their self-image than boys. For example, a WHO (World Health Organization) poll showed that girls often hate themselves more often than boys, while boys in fact more often suffer from being overweight. In addition, about 85-90% of people who undergo plastic surgery are female and nine out of ten anorexic patients are women. Even more shocking: 40% of girls between five and eight years old (!) Indicates that she would like to be slimmer!

Important message!
So, dear mothers, a very important message to our daughters: let us not be more negative about our bodies! Especially not when they are there, but hopefully not at all! Wear clothing that you like and just go swimming, even if you do not feel comfortable in a bathing suit. It does not matter to your child what you look like, it's about being there and having fun together.

How is your self-image? And have you ever considered that this has an effect on your daughter?

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